[CQ-Contest] SS Log Check tidbit

Mon Apr 26 10:37:07 EDT 1999

Dan Levin wrote:
> This also points out an interesting potential feature for log checking
> programs.  Such software might have a list for domestic contests that maps
> prefixes to location abbreviations, and do an autofill/autocorrect (or at
> least ask for confirmation).  In the case of AL for a VE6, such a feature
> would surely have caught my mistake.  

I disagree.....  although I took a lot of hits on phone for the same
sort of error ("MA" for "Maine", "MS" for "Missouri", etc.), I don't
think the logging software should correct *ANYTHING*.  It should only
faithfully transcribe what you tell it you heard.  

I'm even a bit uncomfortable with the fact that most (all?) logging 
programs will not accept invalid exchange elements.  For example, if you 
copy "IK" as a section name, it ought to put it in the log, and not
'assist' you in selecting a "better answer".

73, Hans, K0HB

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