[CQ-Contest] SS Log Check tidbit

Trey Garlough trey at kkn.net
Mon Apr 26 09:07:13 EDT 1999

> I disagree.....  although I took a lot of hits on phone for the same
> sort of error ("MA" for "Maine", "MS" for "Missouri", etc.), I don't
> think the logging software should correct *ANYTHING*.  It should only
> faithfully transcribe what you tell it you heard.  

I disagree.

In the Sweepstakes there are 79 valid sections.  Each station you
contact must be in one of these sections.  Your log should contain
your interpretation of which of the 79 valid sections the station
is in.

It doesn't matter that the other guys sent his section as IC, or that
you *think* the other guy sent his section as IC because there was a
static crash when he sent his section.  It's up to *you* have enough
savvy to understand that what you copied is nonsense (IC?  doesn't
make sense -- maybe it's NC or SC...) and to sort it all out, ask for
a fill, or whatever.  Saying "I logged it like he sent it" is a

Similarly, it doesn't matter whether he sent his section as NTX, NTEX,
NOTEX, NORTH TEX, or NORTH TEXAS.  It's up to *you* to figure out he
means the Northern Texas section and log it accordingly.  And now that
we are in the computer era, logging it accordingly means using the
official section abbreviation (NTX), at least in the official log
which is submitted to HQ.  How you render NTX in the user interface of
your logging program is a matter left to you and your logging program

--Trey, N5KO

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