[CQ-Contest] SS Log Check tidbit

Hans - K0HB K0HB at ARRL.ORG
Mon Apr 26 11:34:52 EDT 1999

I wrote:

>> I disagree.....  although I took a lot of hits on phone for the same
>> sort of error ("MA" for "Maine", "MS" for "Missouri", etc.), I don't
>> think the logging software should correct *ANYTHING*.  It should only
>> faithfully transcribe what you tell it you heard.  

Trey Garlough wrote:

> Saying "I logged it like he sent it" is a copout.


I must not have stated my point properly.  

I didn't intend the meaning to be "I logged it like he sent it".

I meant it to have the thrust "If I can't properly copy (and catch my 
own stupid mistakes), then the logging program shout *not* 'coach' me
for an acceptable entry."

73, Hans, K0HB
(Ask me sometime how I feel about 'Super-check-partial'!) [grin]

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