[CQ-Contest] It's SV, not SCV!

Mon Apr 26 10:28:43 EDT 1999

David A. Pruett wrote:

> I never really thought much about giving the state/section abbreviation
> phonetically.  In pronunciation, Michigan does not seem to need phonetics,
> when you're running people or signals are loud.  However, I noticed when I
> was at W3LPL for ARRL SSB in March that many of the ops would say
> "Maryland, Mike Delta".  Perhaps it's a good time investment to make 100%,
> to avoid having the other station have to ask for a fill.

I thought the same about "Minnesota", but in the report I got from N6TR
(OHMYGAWD, what a wakeup call!!!!!!!) in the "other stations who busted
exchange" section, a high percentage of the mistakes were folks who 
wrote down "MI" instead of "MN".  Maybe I'll say "Mike November" in the
future instead of "Minnesota".

73, Hans, K0HB
(Humbled by about 10db)

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