[CQ-Contest] S&P Procedure

Scott Ellington sdelling at facstaff.wisc.edu
Mon Apr 26 12:02:36 EDT 1999

Those of us with little antennas in the Black Hole spend most of our time in
DX contests in S&P mode, so we have to develop an efficient way of going about
it.  I scan the band, putting every potential new contact on the band map and
into a memory slot.  The band map is essential so I can skip over the probably
dupes, and keep track of the rest.  I don't necessarily have to get the call
the first time around, as long as I'm pretty sure it's not a dupe.  While
doing this scan, I work a station only when the timing is just right.  Then
with perhaps 10 frequencies in memory, I switch through them, again only
making a contact when timing is right, and also picking up callsigns.   This
procedure has certainly improved my scores, but perhaps there are more
efficient methods.  Ideas?

One source of frustration, however, is that the TRLOG bandmap (as well as
NA/CT, as far as I know) does not provide an efficient way to step through the
non-dupe entries on the bandmap.  Hence the need to enter each frequency BOTH
on the bandmap and into a memory.  (With TRLOG, you have to go to bandmap and
scroll all the way down from the top for each one.)  If one could step through
the bandmap, skipping over the dupes, there would be no need to use the radio
memories.  In addition, each time you made a contact you could automatically
skip over that frequency next time around.  Any other thoughts on this?


Scott  K9MA

Scott Ellington
sdelling at facstaff.wisc.edu
Madison, Wisconsin    USA

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