[CQ-Contest] S&P Procedure

John Unger w4au at contesting.com
Mon Apr 26 13:50:46 EDT 1999

Hi Scott -

At 11:02 AM 4/26/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I scan the band, putting every potential new contact on the band map and
>into a memory slot.  The band map is essential so I can skip over the
>dupes, and keep track of the rest.  I don't necessarily have to get the call
>the first time around, as long as I'm pretty sure it's not a dupe.  While
>doing this scan, I work a station only when the timing is just right.  Then
>with perhaps 10 frequencies in memory, I switch through them, again only
>making a contact when timing is right, and also picking up callsigns.

Good ideas, and I'm glad that you started this thread. For what it's worth,
I use a slightly different method to S&P when I first get on a new band. I
go up (or down) the band working only those stations that I am in pretty
good sync with. After they are worked, TRLog puts them in the bandmap
automagically. After one time thru, I just start tuning from the top (or
bottom) again. When I get to a CQing station and nothing shows up in the
callsign window, I know it's probably a new one. The dupes will be clearly
indicated both in the bandmap display (blinking) and in the callsign
window. I would think that putting calls into memories would take too much
time. Also, I find it very fast to stick the callsign in the window and hit
the space or rreturn key to do a dupe check. I routinely maintain rates
(last 10 minutes) of 80 to 90 QSO's per hour going thru a band for the
first couple of passes this way.

>One source of frustration, however, is that the TRLOG bandmap (as well as
>NA/CT, as far as I know) does not provide an efficient way to step through
>non-dupe entries on the bandmap.  Hence the need to enter each frequency BOTH
>on the bandmap and into a memory.  (With TRLOG, you have to go to bandmap and
>scroll all the way down from the top for each one.)

If you have a mouse on your computer, you can simply point and click on a
bandmap entry in TRLog and your xcvr will go to that freq.; that's pretty
fast. I don't do this because I don't need another bit of clutter on the
shack desktop and I don't like to move my hands off the keyboard much.

tnx es 73 - John, W4AU

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