[CQ-Contest] random exchanges

Edward W. Sleight k4sb at mindspring.com
Wed Apr 28 23:57:01 EDT 1999

> K5RC wrote:
> << Have all of the logging software programs generate a five-digit
> hexidecimal
>  number for each QSO. The first three characters of the hex number would
>  contain the multiplier info (like state, section, zone, etc), the second two
>  would be random identifiers.   >>

Right. Then all the software will have to be rewriten, and the authors
should certainly like that. With a few pesky sections like SCV, LAX,
ORG, we'll throw out the other 70 plus and change it to hex. Why not
also require the operator to translate the number into it's decimal
equivilent at the same time?

Why not just go to the trouble of learning the rules? SS definitely
states you must sign / if not in your area..so tell me how a VE9 not
signing / could possibly be mistaken for Nebraska? Or a 7 for ORG?

Most programs put the abbreviations right on the screen for you. Is it
really that much trouble to realize a 4 giving SC is in South


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