[CQ-Contest] random exchanges

CP2235 at aol.com CP2235 at aol.com
Wed Apr 28 16:11:23 EDT 1999

K5RC wrote:
<< Have all of the logging software programs generate a five-digit 
 number for each QSO. The first three characters of the hex number would 
 contain the multiplier info (like state, section, zone, etc), the second two 
 would be random identifiers.   >>

yeah, what I say. And cross-check these exchanges as thorougly as you 
cross-check callsign nowadays. Sure makes for a better copying contest, 
unaffected by databases and stuff.
Actually, if it was "my" contest, I would include a serial number, too. I 
like seeing from the numbers where other people stand.

>>Change all contest exchanges to just the unique hex number.<<
Well, I think the "should all contests be equal?" principle applies here.

73 Con DF4SA

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