[CQ-Contest] CHTest This Weekend

Hal Offutt 104306.451 at compuserve.com
Thu Apr 29 22:31:29 EDT 1999

County Hunter's Contest Reminder

A reminder that the annual County Hunter's Contest will take place this
weekend beginning at 0000Z on Friday night.  Somtimes known as the "MARAC 
Contest", this is the event that attracts the most mobiles of any event
during the year and where it is possible to work 400 or more counties
during the weekend.  With 8-10 mobiles on the move throughout the contest,
there is nearly always a new mult to work.  The winning stations will end
up with well over 1,000 contacts, so there is plenty of activity.  Everyone
is welcome:  mobiles, fixed stations, US and DX.   You'll find a summary of
the rules on P. 89 of May QST.  

Please tun in.


Hal W1NN 

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