[CQ-Contest] 1999 CH CW/SSB CONTEST May 1 - May 2, 1999

Tom Horton k5iid at wvadventures.net
Fri Apr 30 15:15:48 EDT 1999

 I think you mean May 22-23 for the TX QSO party!!
See you this weekend!
73, Tom K5IID

At 09:49 PM 4/29/99 -0500, Norman E Beavers wrote:
>Hi contesters:
>Anyone interested in a contest this weekend (since we haven't had enough,
>yet, this year?), take a look at the CH CW/SSB CONTEST.  Starts 0000Z May
>1 (Friday night) and ends 2400Z May 2 (Sunday night).
>Expect to have 5 or 6 mobiles active during most of the contest in ME,
>NH, MN, SD, GA, SC, TX, NJ-DE-MD-VA (if W1NN isn't struck by business
>commitments), TX, ID - and others mobiles where and when you find 'em. 
>Plus a bunch of fixed stations.
>Many mobiles will be capable of 40, 20, 15, and 10 meter operation; and
>QSY on request (demand?)
>Simple exchange:  RST, County, State; USA (incl AK and HI) mobiles worth
>15 points each; everyone else in North America is fixed (1 point), and DX
>is worth 5 points.  But 3,076 possible multipliers!
>I'll be glad to provide info to anyone interested - I'll be leaving home
>Friday afternoon shortly before contest time (7 PM CST).  email me at: 
>w3dya at juno.com or w3dya at prodigy.com or chcontest at qth.net so everyone
>subscribed will get your message!
>Then watch for TX QSO Party (without the Armadillo county) on April 22
>and 23!
>73, Norm, W3DYA
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