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Fidel Leon ea3gip at pobox.com
Wed Dec 8 00:02:57 EST 1999

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On 07/12/99 at 11:17 Bob Schreibmaier wrote:

>If you don't send in your log, nobody will lose the QSO with you.

	I have had a direct reply from Bob Cox, who suggests me
sending the log anyway, with a explanation of my trouble... Anyway, I
would send it as a check log. Fortunately, there are people at CQ, not
only machines, so they can check what's missing in my log... These are
the things that made me admire the checking log people, and contest
organization in general!!

>Sorry about the problem you had, Fidel.

	You're welcome, Bob. I even imported the contest information
to my logging software, but I did two very bad errors:

	-I didn't check I actually did a end-of-contest backup (I was
pretty sure before restoring the file I had).
	-I made the logging software backup BEFORE importing software,
and because the time, I was too lazy to do another copy after the
importing process.

	Anyway, end of contest time wasn't a excuse... The hard disk
blew out (well, was overwritten by error!), two days after the
contest... Twelve years at the computer technical support business,
and it has happened to me!!!!

	Thanks for all the replies, and see you on the next one! 73,

Fidel Leon - EA3GIP
ea3gip at pobox.com

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