[CQ-Contest] SO2R radio switching

Bill Coleman AA4LR aa4lr at radio.org
Fri Dec 10 10:25:47 EST 1999

On 12/9/99 20:04, Barry Kutner at w2up at mindspring.com wrote:

>When trying to crack a pileup on radio 2 while running on Radio 1, I 
>found myself doing a LOT of flipping the switch (positioned between 
>the 2 radios). While trying to copy a call on my run radio, in answer 
>to a CQ, I found the pileup in radio 2 a bit distracting, so tended to 
>flip both ears to radio 1 to pull out the callsigns. My left hand was 
>bouncing back and forth from the keyboard to the switch a lot.

I had a similar experience with my first SO2R operation at W4AN's (then 
KM9P) mountaintop station during SSB SS. About 3 am, the switch let out a 
loud "ping" when I switched it. After that, there were no more detents -- 
I had worn the detent spring off the back of the switch!

> This 
>made me wonder if maybe a foot switch would be more efficient. I'd 
>like to hear comments from some of the SO2R guys how they do 
>it. - switching audio, when you listen to both radios at same time, 

>From talking with Bill, he indicated he rarely used the switch. Of 
course, he has spend many, many hours of non-contest time listening to 
two radios, one in each ear. If you practice long enough, you can get 
used to hearing different stuff in each ear, and train your head to 
separate them. Then you won't need to switch nearly as often.

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