[CQ-Contest] SO2R radio switching

George Fremin III geoiii at kkn.net
Fri Dec 10 10:01:52 EST 1999

Barry Kutner writes:
> Hi all - I currently use a 3 position toggle switch to toggle audio into 
> my headphones: Switch right - Radio 1 both ears; Switch middle - 
> Radio 1 R ear, radio 2 L ear; Switch left - radio 2 both ears.

This is what I use as well.

> When trying to crack a pileup on radio 2 while running on Radio 1, I 
> found myself doing a LOT of flipping the switch (positioned between 
> the 2 radios). While trying to copy a call on my run radio, in answer 
> to a CQ, I found the pileup in radio 2 a bit distracting, so tended to 
> flip both ears to radio 1 to pull out the callsigns. My left hand was 
> bouncing back and forth from the keyboard to the switch a lot. This 
> made me wonder if maybe a foot switch would be more efficient. I'd 
> like to hear comments from some of the SO2R guys how they do 
> it. - switching audio, when you listen to both radios at same time, 
> etc.
> Tnx/Barry

A footswitch might be the way to go.
Or maybe a key on the keyboard. 

I can offer several tips that might make this eaiser.

Turn the volume down on both radios - I find that if the 
volume is too high or higher on one than the other it is 
harder for me to pay attention to one or both signals.

Turn off the monitor/sidetone on both radios - no need 
to hear your own signal.

Practice listening to two radios outside of contests - I have 
found that it is getting eaiser and eaiser for me to 
have both radios going at the same time - unless there is 
alot of noise or signals are weak.

Instead of switching the switch - work on paying attention to one
radio or the other using your head as a switch - sort of like
listening to a preson talk while sitting next to someone 
else who is talking. I find I can tune one out at will.

It is not much diffrent that being able to copy a CW signal
from one station while hearing several others in 
the passband - remember when you didnt have a CW filter 
in your radio - I do and I seemed to be able to work 
people anyway.


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