[CQ-Contest] SO2R radio switching

Barry Kutner w2up at mindspring.com
Fri Dec 10 01:04:42 EST 1999

Hi all - I currently use a 3 position toggle switch to toggle audio into 
my headphones: Switch right - Radio 1 both ears; Switch middle - 
Radio 1 R ear, radio 2 L ear; Switch left - radio 2 both ears.

When trying to crack a pileup on radio 2 while running on Radio 1, I 
found myself doing a LOT of flipping the switch (positioned between 
the 2 radios). While trying to copy a call on my run radio, in answer 
to a CQ, I found the pileup in radio 2 a bit distracting, so tended to 
flip both ears to radio 1 to pull out the callsigns. My left hand was 
bouncing back and forth from the keyboard to the switch a lot. This 
made me wonder if maybe a foot switch would be more efficient. I'd 
like to hear comments from some of the SO2R guys how they do 
it. - switching audio, when you listen to both radios at same time, 
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Newtown, PA         FRC         alternate: barry at w2up.wells.com

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