[CQ-Contest] Working Dupes

Rich McAllister K6RFM rfm at pensfa.org
Mon Dec 13 22:48:31 EST 1999

Ron Wetjen <wd4ahz at gte.net> writes:

> called me) and 1445 good QSO's (at least until the log checkers get
> busy).  Yes, I work dupes, in case they busted my call earlier.
> [...]
> Which gets me wondering ... if someone works me, and busts my call ...
> then works me again (a dupe in my log, but a "good" QSO in his log),
> what happens to the guy who worked me twice? 

As a 100% S&P'er with (sigh) less-than-perfect copy skills, this is
why I prefer you to tell me "K6RFM SRI WRK B4" than to just work me
again.  I can usually figure out where I busted the call and fix it
(yes, I think this is legit -- the info was all passed between us on
the ham bands during the contest..) while if you just work me again
I'll end up with a bogus QSO in the log.

It *does* help if you say "worked before at 2243" "worked
before yr nr 023" etc.

Rich, K6RFM

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