[CQ-Contest] Working Dupes [PLUS more]

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Wed Dec 15 13:39:37 EST 1999

At 12:52 AM 12/15/1999 +0100, Gus Widell wrote:
>> I also worked several guys who I sent the WRONG call to and
>> they didn't  bother to correct me...just an experiment...that (I guess)
>I had many stations coming back to me with "strange calls". If I would have
>corrected all of those my QSO count would probably been a lot less. Instead
>I tried to give my callsign one extra time after my QSL message. This would
>give the QSO'ed station a chance to correct.
>Most of the stations that duped me, did NOT take time to get my call before
>calling me.
>Anyway, thanks for the QSO's during the weekend. An extra award goes to
>those who got my callsign right on my first call while S/P. Very few...

It seems to me that there is a very sound convention for dealing with this
that is widely practiced.  If somebody comes back with your call correctly,
DON'T repeat your call, ever.  If he gets it slightly wrong, send your call
once during the next transmission.  If conditions are demanding, maybe twice.

The same really goes for S&P ops - give your call once only when calling
someone.  You'll have another chance to correct if the running station
doesn't get it right, and if he does get it the first time you both save time.

Another related question, as someone who is just learning how to run after
years of S&P with inferior antennas --

Is it better, on average, when working through a pileup, if you can't copy
a full call, to:

1.  reply with a fragment of the call and send the exchange -- e.g. "AVK


2.  send the fragment plus "?" and get the fill before sending the exchange.


73,  Pete N4ZR

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