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Mon Dec 13 21:07:58 EST 1999

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<< Another story on should we work dupes or not ... >>

Yeah...work them!  I was qrp, but actually had folks duping me!  I told the 
first one "dupe" but then worked him anyway...from then on, I just worked 
everybody (with qrp, they may have had doubts and decided not to log it, even 
after they got my call right anyway...it happens).

I also sent the callsign of everyone I called (during the exchange) except 
for the first 10 qso's.  When someone did that to me, I thought, "gee...isn't 
that stupid...I know my own call" but then I kept doing it cuz I thought it 
would help confirm a real TWO WAY qso.

I also worked several guys who I sent the WRONG call to and they didn't 
bother to correct me...just an experiment...that (I guess) failed.

de Doug KR2Q

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