[CQ-Contest] 10m contest

jrdavis at collins.rockwell.com jrdavis at collins.rockwell.com
Tue Dec 14 16:21:07 EST 1999

Henry's question leads to a related one of mine:

If I hear a signal that sounds like cr*p, should I inform its owner? For
example, this weekend there was a LOUD CW signal out of 6 land that sounded like
a chainsaw with a keyer. I was seriously tempted to send him a 595 to let him
know that he had a problem. I'd want to know if my signal sounded that bad.

I'm aware that there are some parts of the world where hams are lucky to be on
the air at all, chirp or no, and this doesn't necessarily apply to them. But if
I took the time to tell you you had a signal problem, would you be happy about
it or just irritated at having to log something other than 5NN?


Jeff N0DY
n0dy at arrl.net

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