[CQ-Contest] Working Dupes

CP2235 at aol.com CP2235 at aol.com
Wed Dec 15 04:09:54 EST 1999

> W2XXX's log has HG1S in it: OK.  It also has HG1H in it.  HG1H is not in the
>  contest, so he is a unique.  W2XXX gets credit for the QSO; uniques count.

Not if HG1S sent in his log. Only "true uniques" count. A "true unique" is a 
unique where you cant prove the opposite. 
During the log checking process, the software generates a list of "possible 
calls" for each unique. This would be a list like:
HG1S(6775), HG2H(111), SG1H(55).... with the numbers in brackets representing 
how many times this call shows up in other logs.
The software then checks the logs of these people and if it finds W2XXX in 
the log of any of these with matching time and band data, then the unique in 
W2XXX's log becomes a busted call.

73 Con DF4SA

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