[CQ-Contest] 10m contest

Bill k6km at cncnet.com
Tue Dec 14 19:42:42 EST 1999

jrdavis at collins.rockwell.com wrote:

> If I hear a signal that sounds like cr*p, should I inform its owner?
> For example, this weekend there was a LOUD CW signal out of 6 land
> that sounded like a chainsaw with a keyer. I was seriously tempted
> to send him a 595 to let him know that he had a problem. I'd want to
> know if my signal sounded that bad.

Hey Jeff,

If you have the time tell the guy! Don't just send him a report that
he probably will hear as 599 no matter what you send.

I lost nearly two years of serious contesting because of a messed up
TS-950SDX .  Only one op told me how rotten it sounded and Kenwood
denied (on five trips to their shop) that anything was wrong. It took
a tape recording of my sig to convince 'em that the rig was screwed
up. Your comments might not lead to the offender QRTing immediately,
but they might help him solve the problem in the long run.

Bill K6KM

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