[CQ-Contest] ARRL 10m mult strategy

K3BU at aol.com K3BU at aol.com
Thu Dec 16 08:58:31 EST 1999

GM4AFF writes:

> How did they know? Two
>  radios possibly, but on the same band? I run two radios and it's not that
>  easy to run seriously fast and mult with the other ear. 

Its being done. By proper antenna and phasing design you can manage to 
operate two radios on the same band and get as close as couple of kHz to your 
own CQing frequency. Use two receivers/transceivers on two ears. WW2Y does it 
on 160m, multi-multis do it. Also if you use panadapter or band scope, you 
can see sudden surge in activity, you move your RX there and find a new one. 
You either wait for pileup to die off or if too important multiplier, abandon 
your CQing frequency and go for it. With dual receive you can also listen or 
scan the band in between the holes in CQing (when things slow down). 
    Weird things can be acquired by practice, back in paper log days with 
manual duping, I could just scan (with my eyes) the line with about 30 G 
station suffixes and tell if the new is there or not. I could do real time 
manual duping with abt 4 stations a minute pileup and keep track of 
multipliers. It took 3 dupe sheets US/VE, Eu, rest of the world, very, very 
fine print. (Now computer logging obsoleted it, have to learn new tricks. 
Bummer!) Back in Drake line days, I had two receivers hitched to T4XB and 
when S&P I would tune the band with two RX/hands, while waiting to get 
through one pileup, I would keep tuning for another one. Foot switch would 
select between each RX VFO to transmit.
    Get the good antennas and radio setup and practice, practice and 
practice. Scores will go up automatically :-) There is no fixed recipe, 
experience and ability to adjust to flukes of propagation and band activities 
separates the Big Guns from Little Pistols.

73, MX & HNY2K

Yuri, K3BU, VE3BMV, VE1BY, P40A, VC1A

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