[CQ-Contest] re: 10 Meter Contest Rule Violations

K4SB k4sb at mindspring.com
Thu Dec 16 22:19:36 EST 1999

Jeffrey Clarke wrote:
>   I agree with Ty that this is a stupid rule but I
> wouldn't DQ any of the stations (mostly DX) that
> violated it. If you are, then DQ all the people that
> ignore the DX window during the 160 contest.
>                        Jeff KU8E
Personally, I didn't hear a single US station calling CQ in this
window. All

And if you don't DQ the violators, just what rules do you take a
stand on? Are we to also ignor the couple of stations which were
simultaneously on CW and SSB?
And by simultaneous, I mean cw and SSB signals on at the exact
same time. How about we take W4ANs' fine MM score and submit it
as SO/qrp?


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