[CQ-Contest] Listening on the same band in two different places.(10M Contest)

Kenneth Ramirez KRAMIREZ at tritonpcs.com
Fri Dec 17 08:33:08 EST 1999

                    I have seen some comments about stations having trouble
looking for multipliers on SSB or CW while the run station was transmitting
due to RF interference. Let me let you in on a little secret you may or may
not be aware of. If you don't have the real estate to have multiple antennas
spread out as far as the rules will allow you might want to consider a short
beverage. We used the European beverage(350ft) here to look for mults and
non-worked stations with great success. While the cw station was
transmitting 1400 watts the ssb station could not hear a single drop of
interference on the beverage. This rx antenna is 100 feet away from the 10m
antennas . I also have a JA beverage that was used to pick up a P29 mult
but, unfortunately, it runs right under the 10m tower and was hearing a
little bit of interference.The west beverage was used for stateside
multiplier searching. On the Eu beverage I could get within 10 kcs of the cw
run frequency to tune for cw mults and and not hear any interference at
all.It was amazing! The height separation and the characteristics of a
beverage make it very useful in this situation. 73 Ken N4UK

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