[CQ-Contest] To Run or not to run...that is the question

K4OJ k4oj at Tampabay.rr.com
Fri Dec 17 07:56:13 EST 1999


...hope you saw my posting on the K4OJ operation last weekend...

I made a ton o' QSOs....but will be third despite having the most!

Your question is as old as contesting itself...once upon a time in the early
sixties I think it was an article was written up in QST by my Mom, then
W1YYM.  It was about whether it was more beneficial to mult or to run...all
of the major contest software programs do that for you now, they have a
little window where you see how many qsos a new mult is worth...

note: (Happy Birthday to W1YL at aol.com!!!!!!!!)

The ideal solution is SO2R....I hope to perfect this for same band stations
prior to next years 10M test...it works great for me for operating two
different bands - you will find stations like W4AN do nothing but CQ all
weekend long on one radio and work their S&P mults in the other ear so to
speak.  This past weekend my nemesis K1TO used two vfos to catch up and pass
me by working Qs and mults on his second vfo while he was CQing on VFO one.

QSOs and running rule, but we are "graded" on our score which is the product
(in multiplication!) of both Qs and mults...

The winners usually have big stations which tend to generate loud signals
which will enhance the marginal rare stations calling in....but there will
always be the guys on DXpeditions who you will NEVER work if you do not seek
them out.

I think everyone is in agreement if you have to do one or the other never
interrupt a killer run to tune...if you are in the grove don't upset the
apple cart or more importantly lose your run freq!

Ya know I missed WP2Z and SU9ZZ for mults this past weekend, both had
massive scores....ooops!

GL and hope you can make it to Dayton...based on your questions I KNOW you
would enjoy the BS sessions at the Crowne Plaza!

73, Seasons Greetings - may the rate be with you!

Jim, K4OJ

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