[CQ-Contest] re: 10 Meter Contest Rule Violations

k8gt at flash.net k8gt at flash.net
Fri Dec 17 04:30:07 EST 1999

Guess it goes something like this.....

Stations aren't allowed to CQ in the 28.3-28.35 segment, and if they do,
(assuming adequate enforcement) they are DQ'd, and you lose the QSO from
your log.  In a perfect world, sigh!  

The fact that there was less contest activity in that range than most of
the band seems to be achieving the desired result.  Zero tolerance is a
modern fiction. Viva la contest!

73, Gerry   K8GT

Peter Stafford wrote:
> George, K5TR writes:
> > It also does not stop folks from answering those CQing stations.
> > Answering those stations is NOT against the rules of the contest.

> But the rules state that "the frequencies from 28.3 to 28.35 Mhz are
> designated as a non-contest window".  To me that says you can't answer
> anyone there either!
> Pete, C6A/K2PS

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