[CQ-Contest] re: 10 Meter Contest Rule Violations

K4SB k4sb at mindspring.com
Thu Dec 16 22:39:58 EST 1999

George Fremin III wrote:

> But I think we all need to understand the rule.
> It is clear from the posts I have seen over the last
> few days not everyone is clear on the the ARRL's intent
> seems to be - to be honest I am not sure either but I can
> offer up some help.  N1ND made a post on this subject last
> year at about this same time.

I fail to see how anyone could not understand the rule. It's in
simple English,
is not contridictory, and provides no exceptions. Just what is so
hard to understand about that? And I find it hard to believe you
can state in the summary sheet that you have obeyed all the
rules. Or do DX stations believe they have special status?

As for Dan's comments, the main thrust was that this window was
the only HF phone segment available to Tech, ect. Yet assumming a
Tech wanted to enter the
contest, he is prohibited from doing so in the only legal spot
where he could
participate. Now just how do you establish a protective zone for
these people,
and at the same time, forbid them to use it?

This is absurdity at its best. With no disrepect intended toward
Dan, I am beginning to wonder if the ARRL is a branch of the
Federal Government? 

Here's one solution. Every single one of us call CQ in the next
contest at least one time in the window. You don't have to work
anyone, just violate the rule. And note that in the summary
sheet. Let's see if the ARRL will DQ ALL of us.


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