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Richard L. King k5na at texas.net
Mon Dec 20 14:09:22 EST 1999

I agree with Bill's comments 100%. The activity in this contest and/or
available QSOs goes down every year as more and more people switch to QRP
so they can be competitive and win a plaque. 

It is no longer competitive to operate this event with QRO. Either get rid
of the low power multipliers or change the name of the event to the "Stew
Perry QRP Challenge".

73, Richard

At 10:17 PM 12/19/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I now believe this equalization technique for power is a really crappy
>idea (one I mistakenly backed BTW).  Now you have everyone running as
>little power as possible to be competitive, and thus less and less DX
>QSOing going on.  Hell, less QSOing period.  It's a damned shame that W8JI
>and the like get on in this contest running 5w on a very prime time
>weekend for 160M and dont give the opportunity to some guys in Europe and
>other places to work them.
>Make the points the same regardless of power and give the 3 power classes
>their own box.  If you don't, this contest is dead for sure.  
>Bill Fisher
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