[CQ-Contest] Midnight in the contest garden of Bill and Yuri........

Gary and Jane Nieborsky neborsky at ior.com
Mon Dec 20 19:26:04 EST 1999


Complaints and disparaging comments about entry classes and station
abilities are not what contesting is about.  Contesting is an internal thing
with the external benefit of peer recognition.  If you don't like the Stew
then go play in the CQ or ARRL 160.  If you want to do the full tilt boogie
and have the station to do it then hit CQWW or ARRL DX.  If you feel you
must enter every contest on every weekend to maximize the return on
investment you have in your station and you don't feel fulfilled unless you
crush everyone in sight then I got some sad news for you:  You're well down
the road to burn-out and posting a gaggle of for sale ads on qth.com

I know, I've been there.

The attitude that contesting is for the superstation and all others are
there for cannon fodder will (is) be the death of contesting.  There has to
be a bit of meat for the common station or else things will get to be more
than a little boring when the 4 or 5 superstations work each other in the
first 30 seconds of the contest and then sit around for the next 47.999
hours wondering where the unwashed rabble went.  There has to be something
for everyone whether it be tangible like a plaque or intangible like
personal gratification.

On the subject of QRP and 160M;  I've done it, got the paper on the wall
(oops...packed in a box somewhere) to prove it. Did it with a reasonably
sized station too.  It's a ton of fun to use skill and cunning instead of
more power and towers though the rate isn't there and you won' get very many
"wow you're 200 over S9!" comments.  I found it more satisfying than HP and
sunspots....in fact I find contesting to be the most fun at the bottom of
the cycle!

So let's try to be tolerant of those that wish to have a contest that is fun
and may not have rules that are to your desires.  There are other venues for
you to hunt in if you can't.


Gary K7FR

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