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<< nother "thing" that seems to be happening in contesting is the use of 
 superstations entering the single op or single band categories, as well as 
 some of top guns entering QRP categories. It is not against the rules, but I 
 feel that superstations should be used for what they were built for - multi 
 categories or the owner using it and entering as a single op. Also entering 
 QRP category for the sake of showing off that you can cream them life long 
 QRPers, is like Muhammad Ali showing up at the regional boxing championship 
 and beating up the local guys. Same for the low power category. >>

Gee...I don't agree with this at all.  If somebody wants to do SOABHP from a 
K1EA or W3LPL or whomever, so what?  And if a qrper can get his/her foot in 
the door at one of those places, why not?  As a long time qrper (and m/m 
operator), I would not feel "cheated" at all if somebody went to a "big" 
station and blew the doors off the qrp record.  It's all part of the game.  
When N5TJ totally destroys the SOLP record running (what I consider to be) 
very modest equipment/hardware, it only shows that he can do it in any 
category he chooses.  Kudo to him!  If he then goes to a "big" station and 
does it again, there is nothing "less" about that achievement.

de Doug KR2Q

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