[CQ-Contest] Stew (and categories)

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Fri Dec 24 09:26:02 EST 1999

kh6nd writes:

>  What's so "real" about using grid squares with no distance factor to
>  accompany them?

To compensate for handicap that large countries are subjected to. Using grid 
square vertical slices (first 3 char.) as multipliers we have more even 
distribution of multipliers based on geography rather than political 

>  This will be just another contest where the stations that are the
>  optimum distance from the population centers, especially on the low
>  bands, will win as usual. 

Yes, low band categories will favor heavily populated areas, high band 
categories will favor those located off the side to heavy population areas. 
All band categories will be somewhere in between. By having 24 hr mode 
periods we will equalize the "equatorial factor" and drudgery of calling CQ 
with no takers.
    The latest change in the rules involves removal of QSO number and 
category code, only Grid Square (no report) will be exchanged. Tesla World 
Cup is geared to be the fast contest with as fair rules as possible. 
    See the latest update at:

Any last minute suggestions?

73, MX & HNY2K


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