[CQ-Contest] January 2000 CQ out

Henry A Pollock k4tmc at juno.com
Wed Dec 29 01:10:29 EST 1999

OK, it's finally here - the "NEW" CQ.  The front cover photo shows the
FCC's Riley
Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, standing in front of a table of "goodies" at a
hamfest.  Wonder why he stopped at this table; everything looks legit. 
Amazingly, there is a feature article inside that is an interview with
Mr. Hollingsworth.  Also on the front cover is a  yellow "post-it" note
that states: "Now including CQ VHF, CQ is Now Bigger and Better With More
VHF Coverage."  This issue includes 132 pages, the largest number in
quite a while.  (NOTE to the CQ Staff front cover proof-readers: the
Details are NOT on p. 110)

Contest related items:
End-Fed Antennas
Kid's Day 2000 (Note that this is on Jan. 1, 2000;  so, take a break from
the football
games and get on!)
Announcing - The 43nd CQ World-Wide WPX Contest (Rules)
1999 CQ WW WPX CW High-Claimed Scores
Phase Noise and Frequency Synthesizers
The Digital Dipole column - Antenna Notes: True Ladder Line, BC Matcher,
and IIX
Contesting column - Contesting for a New Millennium, including a Year
2000 Contest
Antennas column (new) - Five Low-Cost Antennas for Y2 MAX Year
DX column - When is a Contact Not a Contact?
Propagation column - 1999 CQ WW DX SSB Conditions Best in 8 Years!

Other interesting items:
Welcome to the New CQ (including CQ VHF)! (an overview of the changes
with a list of
the new columns)
CQ Interviews - Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, FCC Special Counsel for
Amateur Radio (re cover photo)
Reader Survey - January 2000 (4 questions that you can answer using the
reader service card)
A Junk-Box Power Supply for the Workbench
Dxing from New Caledonia
The EZ-J J-pole Antenna (Oh No, another copper tubing construction
Packet User's Notebook column - Communications & Technology in the New
World Of Ideas column - Classics Forever, Another Romp Down Memory Lane
Beginner's Corner, For the Newcomer to VHF column - Simple Wire Antennas
for HF (!)
VHF Plus column - The Future, Band By Band (50 - 902 MHz)
How It Works column - An Introduction to Meters, Multipliers, and Shunts 
Awards column - Russian Awards (with pictures)

Raibeam has new ad for their RB-36x Tri-band beam, "The 36 lb. Pileup

That's it for the New CQ.  There were more items that are more VHF+
specific that I did
not mention.  So, overall from a contester's perspective, a good issue

Happy New Year; hope everyone survives the Y2K hysteria.

73 & good reading,
Henry Pollock - K4TMC
Raleigh, NC
k4tmc at juno.com

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