[CQ-Contest] March CQ, QST, and CQ Contest Magazines out

henrypol2 at juno.com henrypol2 at juno.com
Fri Feb 19 08:27:24 EST 1999

How does that saying go ..., "Neither rain, sleet or snow will keep me
from..."; well problems with automobiles this week kept me from my
regular visits to the PO box.  So, this morning was a real treat with 3
ham and 2 fishing magazines, plus 2 fishing catalogs!


Front cover photo of K0NK operating CW (with gloves!) in front of an
igloo, with a feature article inside.

Contest related items:
Contest Fun for Everyone
Hints & Kinks column - Mod of FT1000D for 2 Receiving Antennas
Results - 98 ARRL 10 GHz & Up Cumulative Contest
Results - 98 IARU HF World Championship
Results - 98 ARRL September VHF QSO Party

Other interesting items:
Hamming From an Igloo (cover story)(it was so cold that the pages turned
The Collins Collectors Association (note - Rockwell-Collins factory club
station has a TS950!)
The ZK1XXP Expedition to Penrhyn Atoll, North Cook Islands
A Broadband HF Amplifier Using Low-Cost Power MOSFETs (construction
A Binaural I-Q Receiver (more construction)
Salvaging Waterlogged Gear
Product Reviews - Alinco DR140TQ 2-Meter FM Transceiver and Ten-Tec
RX-320 PC Radio

Yaesu finally has a full page ad for their new FT-100.
Computer International has ad for their new VisualRadio 3.0 radio control
New ad from Texas Towers lists a lot of contest-related items.


Front cover photo of W4FLA in his well-equiped shack (check out that
"insulator" lamp base).

Contest related items:
Results - 98 CQ WW WPX SSB Contest
CQ WW WPX SSB Contest All-Time Records
Contest Calendar column - 99 Contest Survey - Technology in Contesting

Other interesting items:
Breaking The Secret A.W.G. Code (wire gauge numbers)
T88II Dxpedition To The Republic of Palau
How To Add RF Gain Control To The Ten-Tec Scout
Math’s Notes column - Inexpensive Charger for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Keys - Cedar Rapids Speed Key
World Of Ideas column - Keys and CW Going Strong!

CQ Contest

Front cover photo of the HS0AC team, with two associated items inside.

Feature articles:
Results - 98 CQ WW WPX SSB Contest for the TS, BR, and Rookie Categories
C56T in the 98 CQWW DX SSB Contest

Regular departments:
The Band Edge - UBN%’s, What Do They Really Mean?
Operating Techniques - Food and Drink During a Contest
SWL World News - 98 WPX SWL Results and 99 Rules
VHF Contest Forum - Distance Scoring - Time to Change the Rules?
Monthly Collectible - Contest Station Registry Updated
In The Beginning - 16-year-old Tod Kolev, LZ5QZ
Continental Countdown - Thailand’s Contest Community is Growing,
Contesting on 160 from Indonesia, What is Your HAMdicap?, and A Dream
Come True
A Conversation With - KT3Y

OK, that’s all for the 3 new ham magazines.

73 and good reading,
Henry Pollock - K4TMC
Raleigh, NC
henrypol2 at juno.com


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