[CQ-Contest] Bogus Packet Spots

Bruce Sawyer zf2nt at candw.ky
Mon Feb 22 16:43:59 EST 1999

A kind of weird thing happened to me Saturday afternoon during the
contest, and I wonder if somebody can explain this one to me.  I was
cruising along on 10m with a little mini-pile that was never more than a
couple of layers deep.  It was a nice little run.  Then out of the blue
I got swamped, and a whole bunch of the callers were duping me.  Some of
these guys were not the usual blind-following-the-blind types.  Included
in my set of dupers were the likes of K1KI and K3LR--big east coast M/M
stations who obviously keep an eye on the worldwide misinformation
system.  This began at about 1959Z on 20 Feb.  I just logged all who
came and didn't say a word about it, but finally asked one of the
big-gun dupers whom he thought he was calling.  He gave me the right
answer, so that made me question my theory about a bogus packet spot. 
Anyway, if somebody has access to the packet spot record from that time
I wonder if you could look and see if maybe somebody put out a spot for
something like ZF2NE or Z32NT?  It would have had to have been something
real close to my call, because I just can't picture ops at K1KI or K3LR
blindly pouncing on everything spotted.  

By the way, I don't mean to pick on Tom or Tim here.  But it was a weird
experience, and I'm curious what was going on.  I probably shouldn't
have mentioned this until after the deadline for log submissions, but by
then nobody will remember anything.

Bruce, ZF2NT/N6NT

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