[CQ-Contest] Bogus Packet Spots

Gilmer, Mike mgilmer at gnlp.com
Mon Feb 22 14:36:35 EST 1999

Bruce -
Certainly you are correct to believe you may have been mistakenly
spotted.  For example, HG3DX was spotted as 5G3DX causing a huge,
instantaneous pile-up and a lot of calls from stations that were dupes
(many MMs).  I, like the other lemmings, went to the spotted freq and
hearing the HUGE pileup thought it would be better to wait.
Immediately, I noticed the DX op sending out several QSOB4's, and the
pileup went away.  You may have done yourself a disservice by being
polite and not saying anything!

V26O was spotted as V2BO, V260 amongst others.  Some typos, some tired
ops, some bad copying, some sloppy (or ridiculously fast) sending.
Always the fault of the duper, in the end!

When I noticed these I tried to quickly re-spot with the correct call
(to clear everyone's band map!).  Now (with newer versions of CT anyway)
the bad spot doesn't scroll off the screen - it's there permanently!

If you get hold of the spotting record, please post your conclusions!

Mike N2MG

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