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Paul E. Knupke, Jr. pk at ij.net
Fri Jan 8 16:25:42 EST 1999

>I always wondered why Michigan hasn't been split into NMI and SMI.
>It certainly has the population, and about as good a geographical
>dividing line as you'll find anywhere.

Section creation has really nothing to do with contests at all.  The fact we
use sections as multipliers for SS and other contests is a byproduct of how
SS came about (CD Parties?  Way before my time..)  and how they were very
closely tied to the traffic ops and the field organazation of the ARRL.

The ARRL Field Organization (and the RAC. before the CARF and CRRL merged)
is divided into sections for management is all.

The proceedure for creating a section is very well document and available
from Rick Palm, K1CE, at HQ.

Creating sections (or adjusting boundries) is done to better serve the ARRL
members in an area.   Many of the ARRL sections are large (area and ham
population) and probably could be divided for more managable and smaller

That is how the NNY section came about a few years ago.

I belong to a group of hams who are working for the creation of a third
section in Florida (west coast Tampa to Ft. Myers.)

Largo, FL

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