[CQ-Contest] re SO2R and frequency

Chris Burbanks g3sjj at btinternet.com
Mon Jan 11 22:50:40 EST 1999

Well, I've just been a victim and I can say I didn't like it. Currently awaiting
a new digital board to rejuvenate my old TS930, so I use the sub rx on the
FT1kMP to find new Qs. In the UK we have AFS (Affiliated Societies)
Contest, CW Sunday just gone and SSB next Saturday. The top guys
make about 290-300 Qs over the four hour period on 80m.

Well, I was on target. 100 in the 1st hour, 80 in the second and looking for
my targeted 65 in the 3rd hour. Hit the Sub-VFO tx button to work a wanted
Q and, you guessed it, CQ on my QRG. By the time, I had made the Q, this
guy with a 50 over 9 sig was CQing. 

Despite many tries to engage him in a quick exchange, he totally refused to
acknowledge I was even there.  I guess it took some 20 minutes for me to
calm down and go S&P. Needless to say, 270 Qs this year, my lowest for a
long time. What a hard way to learn!

What really got me was our telephone conversation after the event. That was
the first time ever I have phoned someone to complain about their operating.
I was incensed. The guy was so arrogant. His defence was that he believes
holding a fequency AT ANY TIME in a contest is bad practice and whatever the
circumstance, there is no such thing as "my frequency." This is apparently a bad
habit which has grown over the last 20 years!

I can tell you I will be most careful in future !!

73 de Chris G3SJJ

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