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Guy Olinger, K2AV k2av at qsl.net
Tue Jun 1 22:36:57 EDT 1999

On Tue, 1 Jun 1999 16:22:22 -0400, you wrote:

>For me, the problem with major contests on holiday weekends is not myself,
>but my family. Two of the three CW majors (CQWW CW and WPX CW) are on major
>holidays, and it's not fair to our families to be playing on the radio
>rather than playing with our spouses and kids. 
>My wife was VERY tolerant of WPX all this past weekend, but she sure didn't
>like it. 
>Similarly, I had to cancel a planned trip to the Caribbean this November to
>do CQWW CW because of static from my family about missing Thanksgiving yet
>another year. So instead, I'm going to do the (gulp) SSB portion of CQ WW
>from a DX QTH. Ugh.
>I'd really urge the contest managers to consider moving both these contests
>off of major stateside holiday weekends.

OK. I certainly understand your point. Family at home has to come
first. But that wasn't what the other guy was saying. He said it hurt
the CONTEST. Doesn't really. Choice of weekends hurts YOU.

And the complaint is a bit USA-centric in a world-wide contest. Almost
every weekend is a holiday SOMEWHERE. Any reason why our holidays are
more important than any other country's, when it comes down to the
contest committee's date selections?

Myself, being the old codger I am, I am finally taking some
independence from all weekends (I do mean all) being dominated by
family. They are all raised, colleged, married, homed and employed.

MY turn. Most of 'em live around here, which is really nice, but I go
over to their houses on my terms now, and they don't have any more
automatic dibs. I help and participate a lot, but the choice is mine.
A weekend aside to turn total teenager in the WPX may no longer be
complained about. My wife was working Saturday and Sunday. 

Spent MONDAY with the mob at the cookout over at #1 son's place, and
went to see Star Wars with the wife. It was a GREAT holiday weekend.


73, Guy
--. .-..

Guy Olinger, K2AV
k2av at qsl.net
Apex, NC, USA

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