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Barry Kutner w2up at mindspring.com
Tue Jun 1 23:31:10 EDT 1999

On 1 Jun 99, Guy Olinger, K2AV wrote:

> And the complaint is a bit USA-centric in a world-wide contest. Almost
> every weekend is a holiday SOMEWHERE. Any reason why our holidays are
> more important than any other country's, when it comes down to the
> contest committee's date selections?
Yes. It is a USA company that sponsors the contest, with USA 
people providing most of their income in magazine subscriptions 
and advertising. If 4X sponsored a contest, you wouldn't expect it 
on Yom Kippur. If SU sponsored a contest you wouldn't expect it 
during Ramadan. You wouldn't expect the Va. QSO Party on 
Robert E. Lee's birthday :.)

If WAE or JIDX fell on an American holiday, that's life, too bad. But 
why do we do it to ourselves?

> Myself, being the old codger I am, I am finally taking some
> independence from all weekends (I do mean all) being dominated by
> family. They are all raised, colleged, married, homed and employed.
Isn't that one of the problems? Most contesters ARE old codgers. 
Guy, were you at the Contest Banquest at Dayton? K1AR asked 
for a show of hands of those in the room less than 25 years old. 
Out of 300 or so, there were 2! We're not going to encourage 
younger hams to contest if the contests are during traditional 
family-oriented holiday weekends. 

73 Barry

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