[CQ-Contest] WPX Rumination

Jim George, N3BB n3bb at mindspring.com
Tue Jun 1 21:43:20 EDT 1999

Good grief!  The May conditions are interesting.  The boring part about
WPX, if there is one, comes from the lack of the DX on all six bands and
the need to work 'em on all six.  That won't be solved by a date move.  WPX
is a rate contest.  I like this contest and find the high rates and
constant action interesting, especially with the constant mults calling in.

Jim, N3BB

>At 12:58 AM 5/30/99 +0100, n4zr wrote:
>>I just quit in the middle of WPX.
>>No, I fundamentally quit because WPX is boring.
>>73, Pete Smith N4ZR
>>n4zr at contesting.com
>Not to sound like I'm beating the proverbial equine into the ground but,
>Having spent the WPX weekend at Lake Powell, AZ & UT, I cant say I blame you
>for calling it boring. Move the contest into March or April and maybe that
>will give it a good shot in the arm.
>73 de kn5h
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