[CQ-Contest] VY3 prefix? -Reply

Tim Ellam TELLAM at mccarthy.ca
Wed Jun 2 10:03:41 EDT 1999

Canadian call signs will soon be issued from a central office rather than
the Industry Canada regional offices(which often had their own
interpretation on issuing special calls). A 2x1 call(such as VA1A) will be
issued for short term special events upon payment of $60. Other
prefixes(such as VA and VY) may become available on a regular basis
to accomodate the need for 2x2 calls as suggested in the RAC Call Sign
Working Group Report(it at the RAC website www.rac.ca)

I still say VY3 is not a regular prefix so a VY2 operating in ON wouid
count as VE3.


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