[CQ-Contest] Aging ranks. (was WPX Rumination)

Thomas - OZ1AA oz1aa at qsl.net
Wed Jun 2 18:44:56 EDT 1999

>Well, obvsiously you didn't show up to the Society of Midwest Contesters 
>Party on Saturday night.  I don't think there were too many folks in the 
>room over 50.  Most were in their 30s or 40s.
>I wouldn't call people of my own age group (30s) "old."
>Keep in mind the population in general is aging.  So statistically, the 
>average age of contesters will go up as well until the next baby boom.
>There are a LOT of us younger hams out here who contest.  Most of the 
>contesters I know are younger.

Hello all

I think you are right Jon. Try to look at this URL www.excellweb.com/users/lyra/roster.htm. It is the member roster of LYRA (League of Young Radio Amateurs). As you will see there are 110 members now, but of curse I don't know how many of them who are interested in contests. Many of them are from US, but I think there are also many in EU, especially in Russia, but the have just not any connection to the internet, so they are difficult to find.

Here is what Jason posted to the 3830 reflector after the WPX CW contest.
N5NU           HP 1647    640   4189  2,680,960
I think Jason is 16 years old, isn't it a great score? I think so.

My point is that we shouldn't be that negative about the future, but of course we must think about what we can do to get other young people interested in contests, and the list that Bill, W4AN made was very good. As I see it, there are more and more active stations since there are new records in almost every contest.

Bye the way I enjoyed the WPX CW contest very much, but I did only made 212 QSO's because I had to practise for my final exam in mathematics. I don't think it would help anything to move the contest, and actually I like the date as it is (next year there are no exams here). I will be back in the IARU contest (in the CW mode because I love CW) and I hope to meet you there.

Vy 73 de Thomas, OZ1AA - 15 years old (16 at the 18th of June).

oz1aa at qsl.net

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