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Wed Jun 2 11:14:26 EDT 1999

In a message dated 6/2/99 7:03:31 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
steinman at nortelnetworks.com writes:

<< Never had a problem with them in the past, but
 that was before trying to copy 4 digit serial numbers (err, number/letters)
 at 40+ WPM on a noisy band or through a pileup that won't stop calling. I >>


The QRN was awful in Nevada, so it must have been unbearable in the southern 
latitudes. The EU signals always had polar flutter here. Between the 
abbreviated numbers, the special call signs and 45WPM, the WPX exchanges were 
more agony that fun. I would urge our EU friends to lead the charge in 
sending complete numbers, especially when the serial number reaches four 
digits. At least slow the speed to 28WPM during the number so that the 
flutter does not obscure a number.

Tom, K5RC
aka K7GJ

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