[CQ-Contest] Aging ranks

Tom Hammond n0ss at socket.net
Wed Jun 2 11:23:27 EDT 1999

>>de W4AN........
>>- Be a volunteer (log checker, certificates, etc).
>>My point?     ******* DO SOMETHING !!! *******

de K3WW.........
>Last year I reflected on my roots in contesting, bit the bullet 
>and visited the local radio club Field Day site, during setup.
>I helped a little and offered to do some CW operating.  I ended 
>up on 40 with a fine radio w/o CW filter.  I got some K3ZO practice, 
>listening to a larger chunk of the band than I usually do.  I don't 
>know if seeing a real contest operator planted any seeds, but I had 
>avoided duffers for years.  It used to drive me crazy to see the 
>lack of understanding and commitment to doing the thing properly 
>from a contesters point of view.  I am now looking at FD as payback 
>and will try to demonstrate what I know, without tearing my hair out.  
>It is easier now that I have so little left.

It has been my experience (as a little gun) that 'being' a contester,
there to operate and 'demonstrate' can help, BUT the big benefit, if
anyone will listen, is being there to help answer operating questions
regarding HOW to operate in a contest.  Just showing them that you're
a good operator doesn't do much, because they often can't make the 
connection between what you do and WHY you do it in that manner.  You
have to 'splain what you did and why.

Given that most 'general' radio club members are not gonna be all that
interested in 'real' contesting, it takes (first) quite a bit of 
patience and effort to get them into the 'spirit' of contesting, and
secondly it takes even more effort to get them to WANT to change
their set ways of operating.  And, of course, this assumes that they
really WANT to be operating at all... if only once a year... for FD.

73 - Tom Hammond   N0SS

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