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McLauchlin, Mark A Mark.McLauchlin at PSS.Boeing.com
Wed Jun 2 13:43:56 EDT 1999

Hmmm.  Seems like we go through this debate at least once a year if not more!  No matter what weekend the sponsors of a contest pick for it, there will be a certain number of folks who won't be in favor of it for any number of reasons.  My simple solution to this is to plan ahead.  There, I said it - planning ahead - that means involving the XYL (if you have one) in the process and coming to some sort of compromise position.  Oh yeah, I've been through the "guilt trip" routine enough times to know that it can be avoided if you think far enough ahead - otherwise you are a glutton for punishment.

I'm married, did the kid thing, and was still able to participate in most of the contests that I wanted to.  It did involve some sacrifice on my behalf but it was well worth it and the payoff was that I got to work the contests (or at least part of them) and keep family harmony.  There are some things to consider - why not propose adjusting your operating hours for a contest to de-conflict with any other family activities?  For some contests I realize that this is not a good solution, but for WPX the action is pretty much non-stop no matter what time of day or night you operate.

>From a practical standpoint, if your goal is to mount a serious contest effort and you have an XYL and young children at home - is that a  realistic goal?  After all, isn't having fun the most important thing about contesting?  Don't agonize over the fact that it would be so much better if a contest date were moved - we all know when the "traditional" biggies occur - you just need to think ahead a little bit.

By the way, have you told your XYL about Field Day yet?  Get on it!!!

Mark McLauchlin KN7T

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