[CQ-Contest] Cut [Serial] Numbers

Gilmer, Mike mgilmer at gnlp.com
Wed Jun 2 13:16:08 EDT 1999

Also annoying were the (several European) stations that seemed to want
to "correct" my serial numbers (I sent, say, 11N for 119) by sending it
back to me their way (as AAN).

IMO, N's are OK, T's tolerable as LEADING zeroes and somewhat as
TRAILING zeroes, and the rest are of questionable value anyway.  In
CQWW, the 'A' seems OK in zone 14 and 15, etc., or in WPX at the start
of a s/n but not in the middle (e.g. 23A8).  Too tricky.  Maybe if I
play the serial number game more often...

'Course, we could all treat the s/n like a random code group.

Mike N2MG

> Having just returned from WP2Z I must say I was surprised at the
number of
> people using cut numbers. Never had a problem with them in the past,
> that was before trying to copy 4 digit serial numbers (err,
> at 40+ WPM on a noisy band or through a pileup that won't stop
calling. I
> don't know how many repeats I had to ask for as a result of this. With
> numbers I can get a sense of the rhythm and pull a number through the
> better - those little letters get lost quickly. Guess I need to work
on my
> CW.
> Made 4300+ QSOs and each serial number sent was a full number. Had
very few
> people ask for repeats.
> 73
> Jeff N5TJ

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