[CQ-Contest] Newbe contesters now and then

Sean Warner K0XQ k0xq at amsat.org
Thu Jun 3 01:38:42 EDT 1999

Jon Ogden wrote:

> >The amateur radio ranks are getting older.  The average age is mid 50's (hey
> >that me).  I still feel contesters are a younger group..

Probably so......speaking for the thirty-ish crowd up here in the Northernmost
tip (US) of the Black Hole, I would say that contesting is indeed alive and well
among those of us that don't remember much (if any ) of the Vietnam War, the Mod
Squad, Sly & the Family Stone, Jefferson Airplane, etc.

I speak of myself K0XQ, as well as K0OB, K0MX, AC0X, KT0R, N0KK, KC0W......the
list goes on, here in Zero land. I suspect the same is true for the SMC group,
as well, seems a majority of posts on the SMC reflector are the likes of the
same age group, or younger.

On to the original topic--- change WPX becaue it will attract "younger
contesters"  on a non-holiday weekend?? Sorry, Barry, that one doesn't work with
any of us. Actually, most of us like the lomg weekend,-mostly for recovery, but
some for making it up for the XYL. WPX & IARU are the only two major DX contests
where those of use in 9 land, 0 land & points west can even have a chance to
compete. W2UP,  not every contest has to be like CQ WW; give the rest of us
across the country a chance, will ya?

73 de K0XQ Sean

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