[CQ-Contest] Cut [Serial] Numbers

Steve Steve
Thu Jun 3 12:23:29 EDT 1999

Hello Darrell,

Wednesday, June 02, 1999, 9:08:58 PM, you wrote:

DN> Even worse was the habit of people either sending their call or
DN> a stupid "?" right when we were trying to copy the serial number. We
DN> don't know the identity of those sending "?" but it was clear who the
DN> offenders were for sending their calls repeatedly while I'm trying to
DN> copy a serial number. You know who you were. They were primarly from one
DN> continent but not one country. I will not say which one because I don't
DN> want to be accused of flaming.

Well, I feel like I'm located in that unnamed continent...

I think I don't have such bad habits in contest nor in my usual ham
activity, however I must confess that I tend to get a bit anxious when
I listen to a big pileup and I can't hear the dx call in a minute or so.

Nobody should send a "?" when you are trying to copy a serial number,
and I for sure didn't do that, however think about this: did you sign
at the end of *EVERY* qso or did you simply send a TU just to gain a
few nanoseconds?

During my s&p activity last weekend I heard many of you, often located
in some exotic coutries, signing from time to time or -even worse-
only when the senders of "?" were simply too many to copy anything else.

A burp is not an answer.

          Steve, IK4WMH
          mailto:topdxer at tin.it

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