[CQ-Contest] Cut [Serial] Numbers

Richard L. King k5na at texas.net
Thu Jun 3 15:20:01 EDT 1999

At 12:22 PM 6/3/99 +0100, CT1BOH wrote:

>I was on 40 running a pile-up at 40 WPM. This was a US/EU pile up, and quite
>QSO after QSO I started raising my CW Speed by 2WPM , until I reached CT
>maximum speed of 60.
>As far as I was increasing my CW speed the pile-up was moving East. And in
>the end at 60 WPM I was beeing called by HA, UA, OK, UR, LZ stations.
>The moral of the story
>If we lower the standards we lower the operating practices...

This example means nothing unless it is supported by checking the accuracy
of the received data from the logs of those you were working. I can copy
you sending at 100 WPM if I already have your call and I don't care what
you send.

Maybe the stations that stopped calling were those more interested in
logging accuracy.

73, Richard

k5na at texas.net

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