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Barry Kutner w2up at mindspring.com
Thu Jun 3 10:01:23 EDT 1999

On  3 Jun 99, CT1BOH - Jose Carlos Cardoso Nunes 
<ct1boh at mail.telepac.pt> wrote:

> I love to get cut numbers. They save time and its a lot of fun because
> instead of having my brain programmed to get just full numbers I add a
> little more flexibility and expect letters and numbers.
> Set you mind to receive cut number, and you'll find, under a pile up point
> of view, it is much better than getting full numbers.
> Let me tell a a story that altough not related to cut numbers had me think
> about other things.
> In 1996 the monday after CQWW CW where I operated from 9Y4H I decided to do
> a little experience.
> I was on 40 running a pile-up at 40 WPM. This was a US/EU pile up, and quite
> big.
> QSO after QSO I started raising my CW Speed by 2WPM , until I reached CT
> maximum speed of 60.
> As far as I was increasing my CW speed the pile-up was moving East. And in
> the end at 60 WPM I was beeing called by HA, UA, OK, UR, LZ stations.
> The moral of the story
> If we lower the standards we lower the operating practices...
> Vy 73
> Jose - CT1BOH
> http://www.qsl.net/ct1boh

Hi Jose:
CQWW is a different situation. It is a contest with no exchange to 
copy. You type in the call, the exchange is there too! Unless you were 
sending 579 reports? Doubt it...
In WPX there is an exchange - a serial number that needs to be copied. 
I consider myself an experienced CW op (good to 80-90 WPM). When I was 
copying cut numbers over the weekend, if I heard AANT for a number, I 
said to myself "didah is A, A is 1," etc. It's like those damn portable 
callsigns in RUFZ. You expect to copy something, and get something 
unexpected. It throws off the rhythm.
Regarding increasing your speed to 60 WPM, I wonder how many QSOs you 
lost because the other station miscopied your call, or even worse, just 
entered the call of a busted packet spot?
73 Barry
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