[CQ-Contest] Cut [Serial] Numbers

Gilmer, Mike mgilmer at gnlp.com
Thu Jun 3 15:00:05 EDT 1999

Seems more likely these stations weren't "copying" anything - they
already knew who you were, could recognize their own call at 60WPM and
didn't care about the report (it was always 5NN, oops, 599, right?)

Engage in any QSOs at that speed?

I wonder what other variables contributed to your "revelation"
(propagation, local time-of-day, Monday Night Football).

Mike N2MG

On Thursday, June 03, 1999 7:22 AM, CT1BOH - Jose Carlos Cardoso Nunes
[SMTP:ct1boh at mail.telepac.pt] wrote:
> I was on 40 running a pile-up at 40 WPM. This was a US/EU pile up, and
> big.
> QSO after QSO I started raising my CW Speed by 2WPM , until I reached
> maximum speed of 60.
> As far as I was increasing my CW speed the pile-up was moving East.
And in
> the end at 60 WPM I was beeing called by HA, UA, OK, UR, LZ stations.
> The moral of the story
> If we lower the standards we lower the operating practices...
> Vy 73
> Jose - CT1BOH

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